Russells Personal Loans

Russell Personal Loans you with an opportunity to apply for a Personal Loan of up R25,000 for all your needs; whether you are renovating your home, going on holiday or paying for school fees. Its Up to you and best of all all loans are payable within 24 months.

Russells trades in the mass middle market offering quality and affordable furniture, appliances and electronic goods on cash or credit. The reliable business relationships with our suppliers enable Russells to be at the forefront of product sourcing, be it local or international, bringing best value for money products to its valued customers.

Russells prides itself on delivering exceptional service to customers, in line with its value proposition “Your home lifestyle partner, quality guaranteed.” This is further supported by the Art of Service initiative that enables and energises the staff to engage professionally with customers and business partners, making every interaction a special experience.

If you are permanently employed, you will need:

• Green bar-coded ID
• Payslip (if not self-employed) or 3 months bank statements (if self-employed)
• Proof of address
If self-employed, bring the following:
• 3 months personal bank statements
• 6 months business bank statements
• Income tax certificate from accountant
• CC registration number
• Proof of Credit Life insurance in your name*